Garden Share

Do you have garden space that you don’t use or finding hard to look after?

Could your garden be used to grow food but you don’t have time? OR Do you want to grow your own food but have nowhere to grow it? If so, Garden Share Prestatyn may be able to help by matching you up with a suitable plot or grower.

How does it work?

The co-ordinator will meet up with both the land owner and the grower to find out what their requirements are E.g. size of plot/plots offered, single grower/ families, location etc. The parties involved will be invited to meet up before any decisions are made and the growers invites to view the plot. Growers will need to pay a small annual sum for public liability insurance against accidents whilst working on someone else’s land. Growers are not expected to maintain the rest of the garden but should treat it with respect. As a grower you are expected to give a certain percentage of your produce to the garden owner. No money changes hands. Growers should be passionate about growing food.
If you would like to know more, register your garden or you’re interested in growing, please contact Sue Edwards at Prestatyn Town Council: 01745 857185


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